Are you a couple who wants to deepen your relationship as a springboard to creating the life of your dreams? Then join Trevor Jones and Rebekah Beneteau for the Partners in Paradise Couples Retreat, and get ready to take your relationship to the next level of bliss.

Imagine standing in the warm, embracing surf, balmy breezes blowing through your hair, palm trees swaying as you gaze into your lover’s eyes. Hold your beloved close as you watch the sunset from your balcony or down by the private pool. All this can be yours at Partners In Paradise. This is a sexy vacation for couples who want MORE sex, love and intimacy,all unfolding against the backdrop of tropical Quepos, Costa Rica, March 3-10, 2018.

The 2017 retreat was spectacular!

Check out the Photo Gallery for pictures and videos from this trip.



Who should attend the Partners In Paradise Couples Retreat?

This retreat is for you if:

  • You are just starting out and want to intentionally create a love that forever grows
  • You feel stagnant and need to kick start your sex lives
  • You are content, but want more joy or “juice” in your relationship
  • You have a relationship that is going well but yearn for a more fulfilling sex life
  • You know your relationship is awesome, but want to ensure the next ten or 20 years are equally awesome – in other words the future is every bit as great or greater than the present
  • Seek deeper intimacy and connection

This retreat is for all couples of any orientation or relationship style. As a kinky, poly and pansexual couple, Rebekah and Trevor are singularly qualified to help you embrace your Unique relationship.

Why should YOU attend Partners in Paradise?

This intimate and lush retreat gives you the opportunity to deepen your connection with your partner, learn skills to take your relationship to new depths and heights, and meet other couples on the same journey – all while exploring the beauty of exotic Costa Rica.

Facilitators Rebekah Beneteau and Trevor Jones will share with you the techniques and tools they have gathered to create juicy and unique relationships for themselves and hundreds of others. Claim your authentic sexuality for yourself and learn how to embody it with your partner. As they say in Costa Rica, PURA VIDA!!

Partners in Paradise is an ecstatic experience that will bring you more love, more communication, more intimacy. This will be the sexy vacation where you come home with more than just a sunburn. You’ll bring home the tools to supercharge your relationship – not just sexually, but on all levels.

The Six Day Date

Spend quality time with your partner & us

A week in Quepos, Costa Rica awaits seven loving couples looking to follow their bliss. We’ll enjoy workshops, trips, and loads of free time to explore the countryside and each other.

Each morning begins with yoga-based Body Prayer, followed by breakfast. Each day features 5-6 hours of structured curriculum and experiential exercises, along with plenty of unstructured time for juicy group conversations or solo time with your beloved.

Come Play and Learn with Us

First night: Dinner and Welcome Circle

Day One: the theme is Inventory and we will explore together where you are now, what works, and what could be improved). Settle into our home away from home, and relax in the villa’s private pools and hot tubs, and then enjoy  a group evening activity.

Day Two: the theme is Vision, featuring:

  • A morning excursion to Manuel Antonio Park
  • Exploration of your individual visions for the future of your relationship and development of a shared vision
  • Evening tantric ritual

Day Three: Moving Through Obstacles

After a morning of activities, the afternoon will be free time in the town of Quepos, with shopping and eating lunch out. Evening features curriculum followed by a group trip to a local nightclub.

Day 4: the theme is Skill Building

  • Morning beach time
  • Afternoon and evening curriculum based on what your vision is, and what you need to learn
  • Kink skills, communication, new sexual techniques will all be taught as needed

Day 5: the theme is Integration

  • Day program: Continued skill building. Learn how to create an implementable plan to bring home and create your paradise partnership
  • Evening: Sunset dinner cruise on a yacht

Day 6: Closing circle, right after breakfast, so you can fly out any time after 11 am

What if you want to skip some of the structured time and spend more time exploring in privacy with your beloved?

By all means, feel free to do as you choose. This retreat is for the two of you. Structure is valuable but at any point you can make it optional.

What about time with Trevor and/or Rebekah?

You’ll have full access over meals and during unstructured time. In other words, we are there for you.

What can you gain from our Partners in Paradise Retreat?

Partners In Paradise is not just about location.  Paradise is a blissful place within your own heart. We provide tools that will help you identify your needs and desires, speak them to your partner, and then bring your dreams to life. You and your lover will leave thinking, “How lucky I am to be with this amazing person.”

When you view your partner with love and appreciation, you possess the foundation to achieve your other dreams. A happy home life provides the energy to move toward your fondest goals and desires. You become more enthusiastic about life. With more harmony at home, your kids will be happier. With a clear mind and expanded energy, your business will prosper.

Do you sometimes feel your relationship is stuck in neutral? Feeling unhappy or stuck has high hidden costs, including:

  • Shopping for material items in a quest for fulfillment
  • Emotional or binge eating
  • Wasted time – the one thing you can’t ever get back

What will I gain by becoming “unstuck” and moving into a bold, new frontier in my relationship?

  • More honesty
  • Deeper communication with your beloved
  • A richer and more fulfilling sex life
  • Increased energy
  • Richer sense of contentment with life
  • Feeling and looking younger

You owe it to yourself and your partner to join us on the Partners In Paradise Couples Retreat. Act now; space is limited! Only seven loving couples will enjoy this amazing and transformational experience of a lifetime. Hurry, before registration closes!

Location, location, location!

We’ll be staying in a secluded villa 1,000 feet in Quespos, Costa Rica. With magnificent views of the rainforest and the Pacific Ocean, your private patio is a marvelous spot to view the beach, especially at sunset, as the evening sun sinks into the ocean’s loving embrace.

Take a dip in a private swimming pool, or enjoy a workout in a fully-equipped gym. This magical couple’s retreat is a feast for mind, body, and spirit!

Marvel at the antics of visiting monkey troupes, as they stroll leisurely across your veranda, across the bridge separating the houses, and then back into the surrounding jungle.

The nearby town of Quepos is known worldwide for its sport fishing, restaurants, art galleries, and souvenir shops. Canopy zipline tours, horseback riding, hiking to waterfalls, kayaking, rafting, and surfing are just some of the many activities in the town. Click here to see photos on Trip Advisor.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime couples’ retreat and sexy vacation. Book your place now!

Move your relationship where it has never been before!

Still wondering if you should go? What are you waiting for? Act quickly, and take a decisive step toward improving your life in ways you have only imagined.

In this sexy vacation and retreat you will:

  • Discover what lights you and your partner up
  • Gain the skills to have a more satisfying sex life
  • Form lasting friendships with other couples
  • Deepen the bond of intimacy with your partner, including physical, emotional and spiritual connections
  • Learn stronger communication skills
  • Experience beautiful Costa Rica between workshops
  • Gain valuable insights into your relationship with self and others
  • Learn Sacred Sexuality techniques for heightened orgasm at any age
  • Learn about the spectrum of alternative sexuality (including BDSM)

Space is limited to only 7 lucky couples. You can be one of them.

The investment for our Partners In Paradise Retreat – a priceless six days and nights of discovery and adventure in Quepos, Costa Rica, is only $4400 per couple. Isn’t your relationship worth it?

We are now accepting full payment of $4400 OR arrange for a six month payment plan Of $805 (that’s only a 10% finance charge)
What do you have to lose? Only the distance between you.


Join us and enjoy:

  • Six days and nights in a luxurious villa with rainforest views
  • Queen or King-sized bed and private bath
  • All your food included, with meals catered daily
  • Maid service
  • Private villa pool
  • Sunset dinner cruise
  • Daily programs to enhance your relationship and your sexual intimacy, exploring such topics as tantra, kink/BDSM, polyamory and more
  • Plenty of time to bond with your beloved
  • Trip to Manuel San Antonio Park
  • Transportation to and from SJO airport (during specific times)
  • Spa on site for services at additional cost
  • Visit nearby Quepos for sightseeing, shopping and nightlife

About Trevor and Rebekah

Rebekah Beneteau and Trevor Jones are the world’s foremost authorities on cultivating your Sexual Authenticity™ . As Sex, Kink and Intimacy Coaches and Workshop Leaders based in Asheville, NC, they bring a shamanic, spiritual and sexual approach to all of their teaching. They work with one-on-one clients in person and over Skype, as well as facilitating play parties and workshops worldwide. Their work runs the gamut from BDSM techniques to intimacy and relationship skills for better sex.

As business partners and committed lovers, they not only talk the talk, they walk the walk, to have a partnership that is joyous, fun and hot! Individually, Rebekah and Trevor are both pansexual, and polyamorous, which makes them unique in the sex education industry. They are equipped to understand issues across a broad spectrum of relationships. In their practice, they employ multiple modalities to help their clients and students become empowered, including talk counseling, ritual, energy healing, meditation, journalled exercises, body work, role play and technique training. Their light-hearted approach will leave you entertained, educated, and transformed.

My husband and I have a great marriage – 30 years strong! That said, we are always interested in how to make our relationship even better. We stumbled on Pleasure Evolution and some of Rebekah and Trevors’ eclectic offerings about a year ago. By far our favorites have been Being Socials, Pillow Talk and Sex Magic (we got a small intro to that at one of their Frolicon events). Together these fun, educational and downright sexy events have increased our ability to communicate, respond and more fully enjoy each other as intimate partners. New sexual territory also meant some trial and error but we had a safety net in Rebekah and Trevor and they helped us navigate those new feelings successfully. The confidential safety net they create at events encourages attendees to freely express whatever comes up so those issues can be discussed and understood. Confidentiality is also a priority for them. Oh, and we also have SO much fun with them and co-attendees. Rebekah and Trevor encourage and create a space for authentic, honest sexual expression. So, thanks to them we are living life even larger than we thought possible and are still discovering new ways to express our sexuality. Thank you Rebekah and Trevor for your hand (pun intended) in our marriage!!

Becky and John

Learn more about their work as coaches and workshop leaders at